Services & Pricing

We offer a wide variety of drop in and package pricing.  Choose one that fits your budget and time constraints.  

Small Group Pilates with Juvo Board Classes 

No more than 3 people per class. These classes will highlight one or a combination of the Pilates and Studio Equipment:  JuvoBoard, Jump Board, Reformer, Tower, Stability Chair, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector, Bosu and Yoga straps & small props.

Pilates Class on Reformers

Pricing for Small Group Classes


Drop in for a Pilates class 


4 class pack


8 class pack


12 class pack


New to Pilates?  Not a problem we require 3 foundational classes to instruct you on the basc principles of Pilates before placing you into small group classes.

Private Corrective Sessions with Cyndi

 Cyndi's treatment can be one or or combination of the following depending on what you choose or need. All services included here:  McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release®, Neurokinetic Therapy®, Active Isolated Stretching®, Pilates, Pilates for Neurological Disorders,  Healy treatment, Reiki & Crystal Reiki sessions.

Physical Therapy Session

Private Corrective Pricing with Cyndi


A private Session with Cyndi George.  The sessions are generally 60 minutes.   Save 10% on a package of 4 and 15% on a package of 8 and 20% on a package of 12. 


A 90 minute session. Indulge in a feel good session combining a number of modalities.


Don't have a lot of time?  Try a  mini session for 30 minutes.  Save 10% on a package of 4 and 15% on a package of 8.  20% on a package of 12


45 minute Pilates Refresher course If it has been a moment since your last pilates class take a private refresher before jumping into a class.


Need a Tele-therapy session?   Please call Cyndi to schedule your appointment.  Prices are reflected above.