Private Appointment Pricing

Whatever your need or combination of needs we have you covered.  Can't decide which modality?  Choose one and we can always mix it up when you arrive.  Choose your most pressing issue:  Scar treatment, Reiki, NKT, AIS or Pilates for Neuro or getting started with pilates. 

Senior Physiotherapy

Our half our sessions may be all you need for several appointmest such as McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release or even Pilates and Reiki. 1/2 hr appts $75

Intro to Pilates

New to Pilates? Not a problem we require new clients to take 3 private sessions prior to jumping into regular classes. 

3 Intro private sessions for $270

Purchase & Book

  Cyndi's treatments can be one or or combination of the following depending on what you choose or need. All services included here:  McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release®, Neurokinetic Therapy®, Active Isolated Stretching®, Pilates, Pilates for Neurological Disorders,  Healy treatment, Reiki & Crystal Reiki sessions.  Privtae Appts: $150