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Our Specialities

Our studio is filled with private and calm spaces, with soft warm lightning offering a supportive, non-judgmental and safe place to explore your concerns. We have a vibrant team of wellness practitioners committed to forming a relationship with you that is respectful, caring, and one that encourages you to find a connection with your true self. Take a look at the services we offer to help you find inner peace and achieve ultimate freedome of movement.

Word cloud for McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release

McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release® Treatment

The McLoughlin Scar Release Technique (MSTR) can reduce pain & restore sensitivity around scars and tissues.  This non ivasive technique developed by Allastair McLoughlin is a gift to the would of scars and the underlying issues it can bring to the body in terms of range of motion and pain.  Even scars decades old experience relief and beautiful changes. 

Word Cloud of Mcloughlib Scar Tissue Release
Neurokineic Therapy treatment finding muscular dsfunction through muslce testing.

Neurokinetic Therapy®

Do you find yourself chasing the same pain?  More often than not where the pain is, is not where the problem is.  Our body is fabulous at compensating.  NKT finds the problem.

Person receiving Neurokietic Therapy and muscle testing
Reiki Treatment Hands over third eye chakra


There is nothing like a Reiki energy work treatment. The body is amazing at healing itself of worry and stress and when coupled with crystals you can experience another vibrational healing.A Reiki session can help ease tension, stress and can help support the body to facilitate an environment for healing on all levels. Let us help you create the balance and harmony in your body to promote healing from within.

Woman receiving a Reiki Treatment
Stott Pilates client doing an exercise on the reforme

Stott Pilates®

Our full suite of Pilates is sure to get your body and mind into the best shape and flexibility of your life!  The Juvo board adds additional challenges making for a fun yet interesting workout.

Woman on Stott Reformer doing a Pilates exercise
Client doing Pilates with a Neurological Dsorder
Pilates & Juvo

Pilates for Neurological Disorders®

Pilates for Neurological Disorders ramps up the Pilates repetoire to address and work with issues such as MS, CP TBI, stroke recovery and more.  Use of the Juvo board assists with balance issues too.

Woman on Stott Reformer performing Pilates for Neurological Diseases
therapist giving an Active Isolated Stretching Treatment

Active Isolated Stretching®

Active Isolated Stretching is designed to improve flexibility and range of motion by gently opening up the superficial and deep fasial lines in the body - and it feels great!

Woman receiving an Active Isolated Stretchig Therapy Session.